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Tuesday, June 18, 2013 | Tags:
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These are some pictures from a interior painting project we just completed.

The first picture is in the master bedroom during painting prep work. We had to remove a wallpaper border that was very tough to remove.
The room went to a peach color that gave it a nice warm feeling. Peerless painting contractors Tampa will provide you with a color fan and samples at no extra cost.
This room took about half of a day to completely prepare for painting.

The second picture displays the room after primer and two coats of
Sherwin Williams Pro Mar 200. All of the doors and trim were painted with semi-gloss also by Sherwin Williams. This ceilings were done with a flat ceiling paint and sprayed with our paint sprayer.

The entire room was covered with paper and plastic to prevent over-spray on the carpet. Both of the closets were painted.
We had to remove all of the shelves and clean them with our pressure washer. Then the walls in side of the closet were wiped down with hot water and TSP. This removes the film and dirt that is always present inside closets. Even after the carpet steam cleaned and all of the clothing packed away, you can still smell shoes. This is why we always clean the racks and shelves. Also the walls must be primed before painting.

The following pictures display the office, living room and bedroom. The office came out great. We painted it a rich Fire Birch from Sherwin that covered great. The white semi-gloss pops and makes the room look clean.

Interior Painting Contractors - Peerless Painting

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 | Tags:
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Pictures of an interior painting and wallpaper removal in this beautiful kitchen by Peerless.
Our crew repainted the entire interior of this home. The kitchen was a tough part of the project due to removing the wallpaper and getting the surface smooth and clean.

First, we started removing the old wallpaper. Many of the areas were very easy to pull off with a little help from a paint scraper. The main idea behind wallpaper removal is to get all of the glue and gook that is left behind without damaging the drywall. This wallpaper came off pretty easy, we only had to apply a stripper and use some elbow grease in a few small areas.

Once the wall paper was removed, we had to scrape out some old caulk that was failing behind the back-splash. The area was sanded to a smooth finish and wiped clean. Finally we could start building up the surface with primer. The entire area was primed to fill in small pits and make the drywall that was behind the wallpaper ready for painting.

The topcoat was applied, Sherwin Williams Duration Home was used. This paint is designed for areas with high traffic with great washability, perfect for this kitchen. Two coats were rolled to the surface and results were great. 

Our Peerless painting contractors Tampa crew painted this home inside and out in seven days. Our exterior services include a full service exterior cleaning of your entire home.

The final picture shows a clean smooth painted surface. There is a lot of work to be done before the topcoat is applied. Skipping any of these necessary steps will result in a unprofessional looking coating.

A Detailed House Painting

Friday, April 5, 2013 | Tags:
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Here we are finishing up another house painting in Riverhills Country Club Valrico. This home received a roof cleaning, exterior house painting and we sealed the brick paver driveway.

In this picture you can see the paver joints receiving joint sand. The sand is evenly distributed over the pavers and then rinsed in with a hose.

We used the Seal and Lock System with this paver sealing job and it came out great. These pavers are over ten years old and we had to strip away layers of old sealer first to get to the original brick surface. This driveway took our crew 1.5 days to strip away the old sealer. Dad's Sealer Remover is the product we applied to the pavers and then pressure washed.

Here is a house painting Tampa project for one of our long term roof cleaning customers. The home came out great and we put all new lights in for them. This home was sprayed and back-rolled by our house painters.

Peerless house painters checklist:
  • Roof cleaning
  • Exterior Pressure Wash with bleach
  • Caulk and seal
  • Apply Conditioner/Sealer
  • Two coats of topcoat

Cleaning Tile Roofs in Avila

Monday, April 1, 2013 | Tags:
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This was a very large tile roof cleaning project in Avila. As you can see, the roof is very steep and covered with black algae.

Our crew started off with the cleaning of all of the gutters and downspouts.  Some of the valleys had leaf debris in them, so we scooped it out and bagged it up. Once all of the tiles were clean and free of sediment we fired up our chemical pumps for cleaning.

We mixed up a fresh batch of the Peerless Punch roof cleaning solution and it was put to the test.  This roof has not been cleaned in over 10 years. Many of the areas required a second and third application of cleaning solution.

Our crew took down sides at a time, watering and tarping the plants around the home.  This project was completed in one full day of work, although we were rehired for some painting and pressure washing work again by the homeowners.

Some of the walls of the exterior of the home had very bad holidays from the prior painters.  They hired us to repaint and fix some of the work after they checked out our licensing and knew we are licensed Tampa painting contractors. Many of the walls had areas were the ladder was and the painters simply didn't paint where the ladder was.  This is tough to match after many years of the hot sun and weathering of the paint.

For on time professional roof cleaning Tampa services, call PEERLESS and be sure your roof is cleaned correctly by a licensed-bonded contractor using professional tools and equipment.

Painting and Garage Epoxy Coating Project

Thursday, March 7, 2013 | Tags: ,
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Complete exterior roof cleaning and painting project by Peerless Painters.

This two story home located in Tampa is going to be on the real estate market soon. The first portion of the project was the painting of the garage. All of the ceilings including the walls, doors and trim were painted. The garage floor was epoxy coated with H&C Shield Crete Pearl Grey.

Prep for the garage started with a good cleaning of the walls. Cobwebs and dust is washed away to leave a clean surface for the paint.  The garage floor prep requires an acid wash. Muriatic Acid is applied to etch the concrete in preparation for the epoxy coating. After the floor is cleaned and rinsed of acid, a baking soda solution is rinsed to neutralize any acid left behind.

After the cleaning, all holes and cracks are filled, tape and paper is put into place for painting.  All the ceilings and walls were painted with a satin white. The trim and doors had a semi-gloss applied. The garage floor coating is applied in several cross-hatching applications.

Once the garage was completed we moved to the exterior cleaning. The roof tiles were cleaned with a tile manufacturers approved solution with zero walking to the roof tiles. Pressure washing the exterior of the home in preparation for painting was also completed as well as the cleaning of the pool patio area.

Once the exterior is cleaned, we caulk and fill all cracks and windows. Some of the Eufis Bullnose Trim required patching that we also fixed. Put plastic tape and over-spray tarps in place and the exterior is ready. Once coat of Loxon Sealer is applied before painting.

Sherwin Williams Duration was applied the same color as before. Peerless painting contractors Tampa spray the paint and back-roll to achieve the best coating.  Once the exterior was done our house painters put all new flood lamps in and removed paper and plastic.

Painting Contractors Tampa - Super White Titanium

Sunday, February 10, 2013 | Tags: ,
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This is a block building that we painted this week. We have been providing exterior cleaning services

for this customer for many years. The building had many years of oxidation and rust in parts that we had to prepare before painting. If the areas with rust are not prepared correctly, the rust will definitely bleed through into the topcoat. Then the problem has become larger because you then must remove all of the paint from the newly painted surface.

In this picture you can see our crew member applying Loxon sealer to the block. This area has many boxes and terminals that had to be sanded and primed. Once the sealer has had time to dry we then will apply two coats of  Super White from  Sherwin Williams.  If your property is a composed of block and is white, we highly recommend this product. The coating has extra titanium in it for durability and will harden when the paint cures.

Here you can see around a window where we are done applying the first coat. We will let this coat dry before we come back and spray a final topcoat and inspect for holidays or any imperfections. The metal doors had to be cleaned free of oxidation and then sanded.  There were many years of rust and old paint that needed to be removed before we could paint them.  We applied a primer and then used metal door paint to get them to a nice even black.

Peerless Painting Contractors Tampa provide high quality workmanship with outstanding customer service. This commercial building project was completed in two days. One day to clean and prep, the next day to paint. 

Once we are done and all of the paint has had plenty of time to dry we will come back and remove all of the taped paper and plastic. All of the windows and any areas that were not to be painted were covered with paper and plastic.

Interior Painting and Drywall Repair Contractor

Friday, December 14, 2012 | Tags:
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In this post you will see our crew repairing drywall before painting of a large home.

The interior walls of the home were in need of repair badly. Also the ceiling had a large crack that was exposed and needed to be patched sanded and repainted.

The first step of this project was to repair the drywall and ceiling. There were also many nail and screw holes all through out the house that we had to fill. Once we had the repairs done we pulled all of the doors and hung them in the garage for painting.

All of the doors and baseboards needed to be sanded as there was years of paint and scuffs to remove. After the sanding was complete we sprayed them with a primer as many had been painted blue.
Then we started priming all of the interior walls to get ready to paint. As mentioned before, the prior owner used blue quite a bit in his home. The living room was dark brown, the dining room a canterbury red and one of the bedrooms was purple!

Once all the rooms were primed and sanded we were finally ready to start the top coat. We used Sherwin Williams Emerald Premium interior paint. This paint is very easy to wash stains from and is a total green product containing zero VOC's. This was our first time using this product and it looked incredible. We at PEERLESS Painting Contractors in Tampa highly recommend this interior paint for its durability and easy cleaning of stains.

The master bath required entire drywall repair over the sinks, toilet and where the towel racks were.  Also our crew patched and painted the fireplace stucco and built in shelving.

The entire project took our crew a little over a week to complete. We used 15 gallons of top coat not including the primer. After the repairs and high quality paint, this home is ready to sell!

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